The club chief Instructor is Mrs Natalia Salisbury, a qualified Karate instructor with a well-established Karate organization in England, the Japan Karate Association (JKA) England. As such, Natalia’s club is connected to the world’s largest and most prestigious Karate organisations, Japan Karate Association – The Keeper of Karate’s Highest Traditions.

Natalia holds the 3rd dan in Karate and has level 2 coaching license.  In the past, she won golden medals in the national championships representing the English Squad at national and international competitions. She has been privileged to have trained for the most of her life under legendary Japanese Karate masters in Brussels, New York and Tokyo. Her international experience in Karate also comes from well know teachers in England, Slovakia and Czech Republic.  Over the last 9 years, Natalia has been a pupil of 7th Dan Ohta Yoshinobu Sensei in London whose renown teaching methods are incorporated into her classes. Natalia aims to help people in achieving their goals through fitness and discipline of Karate.

Natalia has been practicing Karate since childhood.  She started in 1989 in her hometown in Kosice, Slovakia.  One year later, she moved to Brussels when she continued practicing Karate with the legendary Miyazaki Satoshi Shihan.  Since then, she continued practicing Karate with JKA allowing her to develop a deeper knowledge and continuity in this specific Shotokan style of Karate.

The next club in instructor is sensei Aaron Storey 2nd Dan

Aaron has been practising Shotokan Karate since 2011.
Starting from beginner (white belt), then over time passing all gradings (9 belts) to take and pass his black belt 1st Dan grading at JKA annual spring international course in May 2015 under examiners:
7th Dan Imamura sensei.
7th Dan Omura sensei.
7th Dan Otha sensei.
3rd Dan Shiina sensei.

Following on from 1st Dan grading Aaron studied and passed his coaching qualification JKA/EKF, at the International May Spring Course in Crawley under examiner Sensei Roy Tomlin MBE in 2016.

Aaron continues to show his passion and commitment to JKA Shotokan karate and is currently working to attain his Referees and Judges JKA licenses. He attends many JKA England regional, national and international courses, to continue developing his knowledge and practice of Shotokan Karate.
Over the years since Aaron started karate he has competed and meddled in many JKA competitions including the English national championship, four nations championship,
And the JKA open Shotokan cup.
In September 2016 Aaron attended “try outs” training session for JKA England Team Squad, and was successful, joining the JKA England Team Squad for 2017.

Sensei Natalia (right) and sensei Aaron (left)