Grading Winter 2018.  Here is a couple a photo from the part of the group that graded at Oasis. Yes, we managed to tie our new belts after all!!

I should have mentioned that Sensei Vasile Bud successfully passed his grading and is now 2nd Dan JKA.  This is a superb achievement to have two 2nd Dan black belts from two different organisations.  Congratulations Vasile!
I extend my congratulations to Sensei Brian who is a dedicated Karate practitioner and Karate teacher also tied to Stratford Karate Club, especially with his work at Atherton dojo.
Brian Williams, 3rd Dan!

JKA England Open Championships 2018.

Well done Riley for winning two golden medals at the Open Shotocup this year.  Gold in Kata and in Kumite, 13 to 15 year old boys.  Below photo of Riley with proud dad who was a great coach and moral support on the day.

Summer grading 2018.

Everyone did very well and passed their grading! Greatest thanks to Mr Dobson for a wonderful pre-grading lesson. Oss.

Photos from the Dojo.. adults practicing at the Carpenters Dojo, Spring 2018.

July Grading 2017.  Many congratulations to everyone who participated at the summer grading this year!! All performed very well.. and passed the red belt.  

2017 JKA England National Championships results.

Andre G. and Serban A. competed in individual Kata and Kumite.  Congratulations to both on your participation!! Double congratulations to Andre for winning 2 silver medals.  Here is an article describing the Silver’s Medalist’s day, followed by photos from the day. 

Stratford Karate Club takes two silver medals from the 2017 National Tournament!

This year’s Japan Karate Association ‘JKA’ England National Championships, held on Saturday 24th June at K2 in Crawley mark a major success in competition achievements of Stratford Karate Club that was established in Newham only a year ago.  One of Newham’s youngsters living in Stratford, a bold 14 years old Andre G. with an orange belt won two silver medals, in his very first competition attempt.  The two categories, among the 13 to 15 years with grade level of 9th to 7th Kyu that Andre participated in, were Individual Kata, which is a performance against an imaginary opponent and Individual Kumite, the combat.  The atmosphere at the sports arena was, as Andre commented, very professional. This made Andre more nervous than usual, but his focus and desire to win a medal were stronger. He performed a technically correct Heian Shodan Kata, translated as Peaceful Mind One, that shows a Karate-ka’s physical strength, body coordination and overall positive execution of basic movements fundamental to perform at higher level.  The combat was just as difficult because the real opponent facing Andre was not as predictable as the imaginary one. On top of this, judges were looking for accuracy and control he did his best to demonstrate.  Andre has been training regularly every week for over a year now, always enjoying himself in practicing this martial art and always wanting to learn more.  The true athletes he is, Andre’s mom laughingly explained how he likes to improve his fitness by doing sit ups and press ups at home every day with a guided DVD video. Andre’s successful outcome is celebrated by a small yet growing Stratford Karate Club in Newham.  Chief Instructor and the rest of the club are very proud of this achievement.  We look forward to the gold next year!

Andre (above to the left) celebrating his very first silver medal on the winner’s stage.

Serban (above to the left) in competition combat.

Congratulations to Jonathan, Dmitry and Andre on passing their examination for orange belt in December 2016.  All passed the exam!! Yay!!