We keep our pricing simple and transparent with no hidden costs:

Club joining fee:
A One time fee to become a member of the club this fee grants you access to members only discounted training rates and includes a free uniform for beginners. £30

JKA England license Fee:
As our club is affiliated to JKA England all club members must have an in date JKA License to train with the club, this provides a member to member insurance and serves as record of achievement for all your gradings and competitions should you wish to enter any.
Cost:£25 Renewable Annually. (Increasing to £30 per annum as October 1st)

Grading: (Belt Promotions)
£35 Includes new belt and certificate providing the student passes as well as a lesson with the examining instructor before the exam.
(gradings are usually taken up to 3 times per year)

Class Fees:
Pay As You Go Members: £8 per lesson (Increasing to £10 as of January 1st 2023)

Monthly Silver: £32 (increasing to £35 from January 2023) plan allows the member to attend up to one class per week

Monthly Gold plan: £50 a month Allows the member to attend up to 2 lessons per week 

Monthly Platinum plan: £70 per month allows the member to attend up to 3 lessons per week

Parent & siblings discount Offer: When paying monthly for more than one student from the same immediate family we offer the following discounts
First family member: Full price
Second Family member: £5 off
Third Family member: £10 off 


For Large Family’s, 4 members or more e.g mother, father, and two children.
please get in touch as additional discounts may be available.

Note: immediate family is defined as being parents and siblings only.

Uniforms (Gi):
Gi’s vary in cost depending on size style and quality desired.
Please contact us for further information on uniforms.

In-person private lessons are available for individuals at a rate of £50 per session. Group sessions are also available however the price may vary depending on the number of people per group.

Virtual Private lessons are also available For £35 per session.
To register for a free trial class or join the club visit the links here.